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Follow-up Questionnaire 1B

Adult and elderly Lifelines participants participating in general assessment 1A (“Baseline”) received two follow-up questionnaires, 1B and 1C.
1B was sent out on average 12 months (median: 15 months) after 1A Questionnaire 2.
1B was followed by 1C after on average 11 months (median: 12 months).

Of all participants that filled out 1B (n = ~125,000), 95% of participants filled in a paper variant whereas 5% filled in a digital variant.

1B contained the following sections and subsections:


Diseases & symptoms


NB: Only elderly participants (65+) were asked these questions

Family health

Lifestyle & Environment

Medical Treatment

Mental Health


NB: The three FFQ petals (1/2/3) were distributed over three questionnaires (1B, 1C and 2A Questionnaire 1), so that each participant received the petals in one of six possible orders ([1-2-3], [1-3-2], [2-1-3], [2-3-1], [3-1-2], or [3-2-1]).

Physical State

Reproduction & Development

Wellbeing & Subjective Health

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