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Activities and Volunteer Work (ACTQ)

The Daily Activities and Leisure Activities Add-on Study (DALAS) is the name of an additional digital questionnaire that was send out to adult and elderly Lifelines participants (60-80 years old) in collaboration with the Department of Epidemiology of the University of Groningen.

The Lifelines DALAS questionnaire composed a broad range of measures related to health, quality of life, and lifestyle, as well as a broad range of questions assessing the daily activities (i.e., employment, providing informal care and voluntary work, taking care of grandchildren) and leisure activities (i.e., sports, cultural activities, traveling, social contacts) of participants.
A full section of the questionnaire was devoted to participation in voluntary work, containing questions about current and former participation in voluntary work, the frequency, duration, intensity, and type of volunteering, and the motivations underlying volunteering.

The digital questionnaires were send out between May 2017 and March 2018


~16,000 participants were invited for ACTQ.
The selection criteria were the following:

The response rate was ~50% (n=~7600).

Publications using ACTQ data


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