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Blue Light (BLUQ)

Blue Light/BLUQ is the name of an additional questionnaire initiated by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).
BLUQ assessed the evening use of blue light-emitting devices in children (8-17 years old) using a self-report questionnaire, enabling the investigation of its effects on health (e.g., sleep patterns, concentration at school).
BLUQ was part of a shifwork- and blue light-related research project that included a second additional questionnaire called Shiftwork.
The Blue Light variables are available for use for all researchers and can be requested through the catalogue. Questions to the contact person of the additional questionnaire can be asked through Lifelines (e-mail


The BLUQ questionnaire was sent out in the spring of 2018. Parents of young Lifelines participants (between 8-17 years) received the questionnaire and were asked to help their child fill in the questionnaire (children aged 8-12) or to forward it to their child and ask her/him to fill in the questionnaire (children aged 13-17).


~3.600 participants aged 8-12 were invited for BLUQ. The response rate was 21%.
~4.200 participants aged 13-18 were invited for BLUQ. The response rate was 16%.

Publications using BLUQ data

The results from BLUQ were used in a report on screen use, blue light exposure and sleep quality in children (written in Dutch).


The following instruments were used to assess chronotype and sleep quality:

In addition, the questionnaire a large number of questions about screen use and blue light exposure, which can be found in the subsection Screen use (<18) (101 items for children/93 items for adolescents). Furthermore, it was asked who filled in the questionnaire, see personal_data_18.

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