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Shiftwork (SHIQ)

Shiftwork is the name of an additional questionnaire, which was an initiative from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Using SHIQ, health effects of chronic circadian disturbance due to shift work or evening blue light exposure in adults are studied via self-reported questionnaire data and biological measurements. Self-reported data can be linked to the period where biological samples were collected in Visit 2 of General Assessment 2A, thereby creating opportunity to study biological effects of shiftwork and blue light exposure.
A similar additional questionnaire on blue light exposure and sleeping patterns was sent to underage participants.
The Shiftwork variables are available for use for all researchers and can be requested through the catalogue. When requested, the contact person of the additional questionnaire will be informed. Questions to the contact person of the additional questionnaire can be asked through Lifelines (e-mail


SHIQ was sent out between October 2017 and January 2018. Participants were asked about shiftwork and blue light exposure, specifically over the time period when they visited Lifelines for Visit 2 of General Assessment 2A (i.e. date of biomaterial donation). During the SHIQ, questions about shiftwork were only presented to participants with a job >12h per week.


The selection criteria were the following:

~78,000 participants were invited for SHIQ
The response rate was [37]% (n=~30,000).

Publications using SHIQ data


Variables in SHIQ fall into two subsections: nighttime screen use and shiftwork

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