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Mental health and Diabetes (MHDQ)

The Mental health and Diabetes questionnaire is an additional questionnaire among adult Lifelines participants. The digital questionnaire was developed at the initiative of researchers from University of Tübingen and Carleton University. The study aims to identify if the combination of parental T2D and parental depression history increases the risk of T2D in their offspring. In this context, depression and stress resilience of the children is studied as well.

The collected MHDQ data is currently under embargo. Please contact the Lifelines data managers at for more information.

Protocol & response

Between May 22nd and June 7th 2023, a digital questionnaire was sent out to ~16 800 adult Lifelines participants, aged ≥30, without Type 2 Diabetes and with at least one parent who actively participates in Lifelines. Approximately ~4 300 participants (26%) responded.
Between July 3rd and July 20th 2023, ~5 300 parents of those participants were invited to fill in a shortened version of the questionnaire. Approximately ~3 300 parents responeded (62%).

Contents questionnaire

The MHDQ questionnaire (for adult children) contained the following instruments:

The MHDQ questionnaire for parents contained:

In addition to the questions listed above, the questionnaire for children also included the CD-RISC scale to assess resilience (Connor & Davidson 2003). This data remains under embargo. For questions about the conditions for reuse, please contact the Lifelines research office


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