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DAG2 is one of Lifelines' additional assessments performed in collaboration with the UMCG department of genetics (see also: DAG1 and DAG3). DAG is the abbreviation of DArmGezondheid, or “Gastrointestinal health” in Dutch.
DAG2 comprised of the collection and analyses of blood, breath, and faecal samples plus gastrointestinal questionnaire data following the same protocol as DAG1, in a small group of Lifelines participants that had previously been included in the GoNL project.


DAG2 included approximately 110 adult Lifelines participants from the 55 parent-parent-child trio’s whose blood samples (165 samples total) were donated to the GoNL project for whole genome sequencing1).
In this consortium project, a total of 250 Dutch parent-offspring families were sequenced. Five Dutch biobanks contributed samples: Lifelines, the Leiden Longevity Study, the Netherlands Twin Registry, the Rotterdam Study and the Rucphen Study.

Francioli LC et al. (2014) Whole-genome sequence variation, population structure and demographic history of the Dutch population. Nature Genetics 46(8): 818-825
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