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Autistic Traits (AUTQ)

The Autistic Traits questionnaire is an additional assessment among adult Lifelines participants.
The digital questionnaire was developed at the initiative of the Autism Research Center of Cambridge University (UK), in collaboration with the Sarr (Parnassia group) in Rotterdam (NL).
The questionnaire consists of the 10-item adult version of the Autism Spectrum Quotient 1), plus some additional questions about participants' experience with informal care in general, and informal care of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) patients in particular.

The Autistic Traits variables are available for use for all researchers and can be requested through the catalogue.

When the AUTQ data has been used in your research, you will have to include the following reference:

Specifically, when the AQ has been used in your research, you will have to include the following reference:

Protocol & response

The digital questionnaire was sent out between july and november 2019.
~110,000 adult Lifelines participants received the questionnaire, of which ~39,000 participants (35%) responded.


The questionnaire consisted mainly of the Autism Spectrum Quotient.

The following additional questions were asked about Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Questions English Questions Dutch Code Variable Assessment Age
Are you diagnosed with autism? Is bij u autisme vastgesteld? autism_diagnosis_adu_q_2 AUTISME11 AUTQ 18+
In what year where you diagnosed with autism? In welk jaar is autisme bij u vastgesteld? autism_diagnosis_adu_q_2_a AUTISME12 AUTQ 18+
Do you have a biological first-degree relative (children, parents, siblings) who is diagnosed with autism? Hebt u eerstegraads bloedverwanten (kinderen, ouders, broers/zussen) bij wie autisme is
autism_diagnosis_fam_q_1_a-e AUTISME13A-E AUTQ 18+

In addition, non-binary gender was assessed.
Furthermore, some questions were asked about informal care.


The following publications included results from AUTQ:

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