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Lifelines Cohort and Biobank

Lifelines collects, manages and shares longitudinal data and biosamples from thousands of individuals in the knowledge that the answers to a long and healthy life are hidden in our collection, ready to be discovered. Our cohort is large, diverse and constantly growing.
Using Lifelines for your research project helps save time and effort, as data and biosamples have already been collected and made available for (re)use. Furthermore, you can make use of our secure research environments to conduct your analyses. Lifelines enables researchers worldwide with many possibilities to conduct groundbreaking research.

Apply for data and samples

Ready to start your application? Apply now and kickstart your research.
You can submit your data selection via the Lifelines catalogue.
Check out our fees here.
For more information on using Lifelines data/samples in your research, check out our website, or contact us via


The answers to the following questions can be found on this wiki:

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Ethical considerations

The Lifelines protocol was approved by the UMCG Medical ethical committee under number 2007/152.
All participants signed an informed consent form.

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