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Skin Conditions (SKIQ)

The Skin Conditions questionnaire is an additional assessment among adult Lifelines participants. The digital questionnaire was developed at the initiative of the UMCG Department of Dermatology (NL). With the aim of the questionnaire being to gain more insight into hidradentitis supperativa and eczema in the general population.

The collected SKIQ data is currently still under embargo. Please contact the Lifelines data managers at for more information.

When the SKIQ data has been used in your research, you will have to include the following references:

Protocol & response

The digital questionnaire was sent out between February and May 2020.
~136,000 adult Lifelines participants received the questionnaire, of which ~58,000 participants (43%) responded.


The questions included in the skin conditions questionnaire included items from the following subsections:

Publications using SKIQ data

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