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Optimism, parental bonding and emotion self-regulation (OPBQ)

OPBQ is the name of an additional questionnaire on optimism, parental bonding and self-regulation of emotions among adult (18+) and adolescent (13-17) Lifelines participants. Implementation of this questionnaire in Lifelines was initiated by the department of developmental psychology of the University of Groningen and the department of psychiatry of the University Medical Center Groningen.

The collected OPBQ data is currently under embargo. Please contact the Lifelines data managers at for more information.


All invitations were sent in september 2023. Non-responders received a personal reminder after 3 weeks.
Invited participants could fill in the questionnaire until december 2023.


~3,800 adolescents were invited for OPBQ.
The response rate in this age group was 15% (n=~600).

~123,000 adults were invited for OPBQ
The response rate in this age group was 33% (n=~40,000).


The OPB questionnaire consisted of four instruments:

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