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Locations for visits

Lifelines general assessments require two visits on location, to perform physical measurements (i.e. anthropometry, spirometry, blood pressure, ECG, etc.) and to take blood and urine samples. Lifelines participants were invited to visit a location of their preference.
Children were assessed in all locations mentioned below, except for Terschelling.

The following locations were used:

Groningen 1A 2A 3A
Groningen city 23.000 24.000 open
Bedum 10.000 x
Oude-Pekela 18.000 13.000
Oosterwolde 4.000 x
Hoogezand x x oct 2020
Stadskanaal x x nov 2020
Leeuwarden 18.000 13.000 open
Drachten 21.000 17.000
Heerenveen 10.000 8.000 open
Sneek 16.000 12.000
Terschelling 1.300 x
Assen 17.000 11.000 nov 2020
Hoogeveen 11.000 8.000
Emmen 19.000 13.000 open

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