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'Female Reproductive Health’ is the name of an additional questionnaire.
The project was a collaboration between Lifelines and the University Medical Center Groningen Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
The study is part of the program ‘Reproductive Origins of Adult Health and Disease' (ROAHD) which aims to research the factors that influence the health of mother, father and child before, during and after pregnancy.
The goal of the questionnaire was to assess potential predictors (e.g. demographic, biological, lifestyle and social) for:

  • conception (with or without ART)
  • pregnancy (with or without complications)
  • birth (with/without interventions and outcomes for both mother and child)
  • health outcomes for mother and child (short and long-term).


Female participants in the age of 18-45 year were invited to fill out the questionnaire. All women filled out the first part of the questionnaire (on general female health), the second part of the questionnaire (on pregnancies) was filled out for all pregnancies that a participant had (independent of the outcome).

The ROAQ questionnaire was send out in the period March 2017 – February 2018.


~23,000 women were invited for ROAQ. The response rate on the general health questionnaire was: 23% (n=~5,500). Of this group, 59% (~3,200) also filled out a questionnaire for one or more pregnancies.



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